In response to the rapid development of the Islamic finance industry locally and globally, ISRA established ISRA Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (ICSB) with the main objective to provide Islamic finance and Shariah advisory related services for stakeholders from the public and private sectors that offer or intend to offer Shariah compliant products and services.

ICSB offers the full range of Shariah consultancy and advisory services in Islamic finance; training in the areas of Islamic finance; translation of works on Islamic finance such as fatwas, books, articles, conference papers and other advisory related business services or activities to promote the Islamic financial services industry.

ICSB offers professional and effective consultancy services with the support of a team of qualified and experienced Shariah and Islamic finance professionals in ISRA. In this regard, ICSB able to provide efficient Shariah opinion and services to our valued clients. Nonetheless, in some instances where endorsement of a committee is required, ICSB has its own Shariah Committee to serve this purpose. In addition, we also have a direct access to seek the counsel of the ISRA Council of Scholars, which is made up of prominent international Shariah advisors. As such, our clients are assured of quality Shariah compliant advisory services.