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7th International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance CIFEMA’2019

The International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance (CIFEMA) is an international platform that brings together researchers, experts, professionals and economic actors to discuss and exchange ideas on related challenges and issues to the Islamic finance industry. During its previous editions, the conference presented different aspects of Islamic finance through various discussions and debates as well as engaging the reflection on the main issues prevailing over the years.

The current edition (CIFEMA’19) seeks to highlight the issue of Islamic social finance as a segment of Islamic finance, which needs to be explored to its full potential by researchers, through different angles of innovation (technological, financial or social). CIFEMA’19 sets the objective of discussing the basis of Islamic Social Finance, its regulatory models and the contributions of modern jurisprudence. The current edition will be an opportunity for highlighting Islamic Social Finance extensive contribution to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) through the financing of health, education and housing, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. The Islamic Social Finance has also a remarkable potential for financing various forms of social entrepreneurship in order to promote economic and social inclusion by using the advanced financial technology and innovation.

In parallel with the 7th edition of the International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance (CIFEMA’19), the first National Symposium on Islamic Finance (NaSIF) will be held. It will focus on the evaluation of the Moroccan experience in Islamic finance. The meeting aims to bring together experts, professional actors and researchers to discuss the development of the Moroccan Islamic financial industry in the current digital and technological advances. The symposium will be a platform for founding an overview about the Islamic financial industry in Morocco, the challenges as well as possible future development and opportunities to seize.

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